Clark Hipolito: Born 1970 in Connecticut, Clark Hipolito grew up in southern New Jersey where his talents as an artist were first recognized. While honing his skills as a young artist, Hipolito attended Seton Hall University where he studied both design and business. It was during these years when Hipolito would make his first major leap. Freelancing as an artist, and learning through several design internships, Hipolito began working at MTV networks in New York where he learned a broader scope of art + design talents. In 1994 he went on to start The Art Company Inc. where his main focus has been on murals, specialty finishes, + award winning commercial interior designs. In the the fall of 2004, Hipolito became partner/owner of Porto, a home furnishings store also located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hipolito’s original artwork and mural commissions range in wide variety of mediums. His work has been seen nationally and on television show’s like HBO’s “Sex in the City”, WB’s “Dawson’s Creek”, and “One Tree Hill”. His work can also be seen locally in a number of popular venues throughout the Carolina’s.

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